LNG Bunkering Summit, 30-31 Januari, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Over the last 12 months, the ECA regulations have continued to drive many decisions in the LNG market. As new LNG infrastructure became operational, and with further projects in the pipeline, LNG as a marine fuel has seen more traction with new LNG vessels on order.

Whilst the industry is on the cusp of dramatic change, it isn’t moving forward fast as original predictions suggested. Slow infrastructure development, the regulatory landscape and competition from alternative fuels are all contributing to the challenges in the sector.

The industry must focus on partnerships and collaboration at a global level to drive LNG forward as the fuel of the future.

The Annual LNG Bunkering Summit will unite global players from leading ports, LNG terminal operators, ship operators, ship owners, LNG suppliers, and LNG technology providers to develop strategic partnerships and common strategy to drive the LNG Bunkering market forward.