Our Ship-to-Shore Link;

The intelligent Multi Safety Link

The intelligent Multi Safety Link is a next-generation Ship to Shore Link solution. We specifically designed and developed this Link for the global LNG distribution market.

One solution, multiple use cases…

Our Ship to Shore Link: The intelligent Multi Safety Link (iMSL) facilitates safety communication (ESD) and voice communication. iMSL ensures safety during the LNG loading/offloading process. iMSL can be used for interconnected LNG distribution and storage facilities. Examples are LNG Carriers, FSU’s, FSRU, FLNG, LNG terminals & LNG Bunker ships.
The iMSL is a flexible single design solution. iMSL can be utilized for multiple use cases. With a simple press of a button (software configuration) we make iMSL suitable as a ship-type or shore-type linked system.


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One solution, multiple links…

iMSL is a Multi Link solution. iMSL provides by default all necessary technology and functions to set up Multiple Safety Links. If the customer demands to expand the safety link range, it can easily be adapted within the iMSL range. It facilitates all hardwired communication infrastructure forms, and thus does not need extra modules or upgrades.
We designed and built iMSL according to the SIGTTO safety communication standards. It is fully compatible with existing SIGTTO compatible Ship to Shore / Ship to Ship safety communication systems.

iMSL Control Module for selection of the right link

We deliver iMSL with a control module. The iMSL Control Module provides a touch-controlled graphical user interface. This interface enables the operator to select and configure a safety link suitable for the use case. Safety links are: Pneumatic, Electric, Fibre Optic, SIGTTO Electric.
The Control Module’s graphical user interface provides all functions for:

  • Link configuration
  • Link de-/activating
  • Link Status / ESD Status display
  • System Maintenance
  • Voice recording
  • Data import/export

Easy iMSL Functional Testing

No more carrying heavy link-specific test equipment to the jetty and outdoor testing. This belongs to the past. Part of the iMSL cabinet is the Test Module. This Test Module provides pre-berthed full functional end to end testing capabilities. With the Test Module the operator can fully test and check the correct working of the safety link.

With the Test Module the operator can receive and transmit ESD signals and test voice communication (Telephony and Hotphone) over the selected link. This ensures the communication path is intact and critical safety systems work correctly. The test Module is used indoor and it is suitable for any link type.

iMSL backup / redundancy

No worries about your back-up. Under normal circumstances Control Module 2 is used for testing purposes. In case of a defect in Control Module 1, Control Module 2 can also be used as 100% operational backup. This ensures operational continuity regarding safety communication and telecommunication for the Pneumatic, Electrical, Fibre Optic and SIGTTO Electric link.

Pneumatic Safety Link details

With the Pneumatic Safety Link ESD signals can only be received or transmitted. This Safety Link is based on the technology of pressurizing airlines which is continuously monitored between both interconnected parties. Depressurizing the airline will for examples be detected as an Emergency Shut Down signal prompting appropriate action.
The iMSL Control Module can be integrated with the Pneumatic Module. This integration enables the operator to easily configure the pneumatic link by setting ESD Trip pressure levels and pressure warning levels.
We provide the Pneumatic Module with SIL2 pneumatic components. The module can be installed and used in hazardous areas (Zone 1). It has a stainless steel marine coated enclosure to withstand extreme marine environments on the ship deck or jetty.
The 50 m Pneumatic umbilical is deployed with a stainless steel reel. It can also connect to the pneumatic circuit of the opposing party.
We designed the Pneumatic Safety Link according to SIGTTO recommendations. The Link is fully compatible with all other SIGTTO compatible pneumatic ship-to-shore links.

Electrical Safety Link with safety barriers

This Link provides ESD communication, Voice communication and Data communication. The Communication of Emergency Shutdown Signals is safeguarded in the connection points in hazardous areas through intrinsically safety barriers. The safety integrity is guaranteed through a continuity loop check. This loop check will disable the telephone communication when the loop is disrupted.
The Control Module facilitates a Terminal Library, where operators can moderate and maintain pin configurations for specific terminals. Based upon these settings the Control Module automatically adjusts the electrical pin communication settings.
The Electrical Safety Link is established by interconnecting two parties with a 50 meter 37-way Electrical umbilical. The umbilical can be stored in a 316 stainless steel marine coated reel.
We designed the Electrical Safety Link according to SIGTTO recommendations. This Link is fully compatible with all other SIGTTO compatible Electrical ship-to-shore links.

Fibre-Optic Safety Link

The Fibre-Optic Safety link is used to communicate ESD signals, Voice communications and Data communication (Mooring Load Monitoring).
It is possible to monitor communication through the Fibre-Optic Safety Link with the iMSL Control Module. With the Control Module the signal strength of the Fibre-Optic Safety Link is monitored. This includes prompting a signal strength warning in case of deviations.

The Fibre-Optic Safety Link is established by interconnecting two parties with a 50 meter 6-way Fibre Optic umbilical. The umbilical can be stored in a 316 stainless steel marine coated reel. The reel allows the umbilical to be pulled out towards and connected with the ship, without being
disconnected at the jetty end.
We designed the Fibre-Optic Safety Link according to SIGTTO recommendations. This Safety Link is fully compatible with the Furukawa Fibre Optic Safety Link design and all other SIGTTO/Furukawa compatible Fibre Optic ship-to-shore links.


The Hotphone can be used with the electric and Fibre-Optic link. The Hotphone is a dial-less phone for direct voice communication between interconnected control rooms. Its dual mode design makes it compatible with the obsolete Iwatsu TS3 model as it can also be used as a standard lift-to-ring telephone.
The Hotphone can call and signal connected Hotphones (to a maximum of 8 units). The unit is a heavy duty wall or desktop mounted phone system with a telephone body and handset, internal power supply and an optional external speaker.