Small Scale Safety Link

The cargo transfer of environmental or cryogenic liquids and gases from ships requires a linked Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system to ensure a controlled shutdown of the transfer operation in the case of a detected emergency situation. Practicality, operability and backward compatibility are important considerations for link systems for this ESD. We promote two link systems for the Bunkering of LNG fuelled Ships according to the to the international ISO28460 standard for LNG ship-to-shore interface and port operations.

ESD Link solutions for Bunkering of LNG Fuelled Ships

The iMSL Small Scale has a primary link and a back-up link that are failsafe and independent as reasonable practical with independent connection points. Emergency shut-down shall be fail-safe and transmitted by an electric or pneumatic ship/shore link. An independent back-up system shall be provided so that a common failure mode is reduced as far as is reasonably practicable.


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  • Electric Link – Primary Link

5-pin ‘SIGTTO link’ type link (MTL compatible) – with Master/Slave Select + Pendant Option
Connection Box for each Bunkerstation (Port & Starboard)
Portable Reel – Umbilical Link 25m, Test & Pendant Devices

  • Pneumatic Link – Back-up Link

3/8” snaptite type PNEUMATIC link – with Trip Pressure Setting (using ship instrument air supply)
Connection assembly for each Bunkerstation (Port & Starboard)
Portale Reel – Umbilical Link 25m, Test & Pendant Devices, Carry Case, Pneumatic Pendant, Sigtto test device.

LNG industry standard

The iMSL Small Scale offers a common main panel suitable for ship or shore installation, this is complimented by selectable options of ship-side and jetty-side connection points. The umbilical cable and hoses are supplied with industry standard compatible connectors.
Due to continued investment we are able to offer all sectors a stock of all types of industry standard connectors for ESD link (including original type MTL & Icore compatible 5pin).

  • Automated Emergency Shutdown Link (as promoted by IGF Code for Gas Fuelled Ships, IGC Code, OCIMF, SIGTTO, SGMF)
  • Maintain backward compatible to old and new installations from 1986 onwards
  • Robust 5-pin standard umbilical plugs & sockets as of SIGTTO recommendations
  • Certified Intrinsically safe for use within Zone1 Hazardous Areas
  • Maintains fundamental electrical isolation between Ship and Shore
  • Updated design for safety for ‘Ship to Ship’ and emergency salvage operations
  • Fall-back ‘Pendant’ function for Manual Trip
  • Simplest retrofit solution of any vendor and the system can be self-installed.

Auxiliaries: Telecoms

All LNG Bunker operations require two independent means of communication. This should be available at all times between the person in charge of the LNG Supplier, the person in charge of the LNG Receiver and all manifold watchmen.
Fixed installation and hardwires hotline telephones are impractical for flexible bunkering operations therefor we provide fixed and portable radios.

Data Transfer for Bunker Preparations

Where bunkering times are critical to shipping schedules and business a wireless radio modem is the preferred solution. The distribution of important process and tank status data can make a valued contribution to optimising preparation, minimising delays and allowing continuous observations throughout all stages of the LNG transfer.
We provide a range of adapted radio modem solutions for data communication between the person in charge of the LNG Supplier and the person in charge of the LNG Receiver. This includes fixed display, modem units and antenna, and portable Ex’d certified displays for hazardous areas. A wireless solution offers portable and handheld data receiving display suitable for hazardous areas.