Berthing & Mooring

Mampaey Offshore Industries products are specialized for the safe mooring and berthing of vessels. We offer the most complete range of products and services for any specific integrated berthing and mooring requirement.

We developed a special iMoor module for safe mooring and berthing. iMoor is an integrated system of all mooring products which guarantees safety at the port and terminals or offshore worldwide. All products of Mampaey Offshore Industries can be integrated with existing jetty management systems through the use one uniform iMoor interface.

Mooring berthing Mampaey

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Especially designed for you with our high quality standard

We designed, developed, and manufactured the iMoor applications with only the best components according to the latest, globally accepted standards for industrial and process control equipment. All components and functions are highly modular with clear and present (ship and jetty) handling information for pilots, tugs, ship and jetty crews and operators.

We can custom design all products of Mampaey Offshore Industries to meet specific customers’ demands. Examples like low temperatures, Coal and Iron Ore Applications, and revamping and upgrading of existing jetties all fall within the range of possibilities.

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