Environmental Monitoring System

The Environmental Monitoring System gathers and records meteorological & oceanographical data from various sensors. With EMS data you can predict ship behavior which creates a safer berthing operation. Pilots and marine personnel can use the actual data and trends to make proper decisions.

The Environmental Monitoring System consists of:

  • Weather station
  • Current sensor
  • Wave and tide sensors.

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Useful and low maintenance Weather Station

Part of the Environmental Monitoring System is the weather station. This is a compact and lightweight multi sensor configurable instrument. This instrument measures the wind velocity,  rain, snow, hail, precipitation, relative humidity, air temperature and barometric pressure. The weather station is highly UV resistant and requires minimal maintenance.

Current Sensor ideal for use on buoys, quays and jetties

Part of the Environmental Monitoring System is the Doppler Current Sensor. This is a true vector averaging sensor. With the Doppler current sensor seawater temperature can be measured. A compass is integrated in this sensor with which current speed and direction can be determined. In this intelligent system corrections for tilt and compass are made at the same time. Because the sensor is rugged, reliable and insensitive to fouling it is ideal for use on buoys, quays and jetties

Optimal measuring with three wave & tide sensors

Part of the Environmental Monitoring System are three sensors. These sensors are deployed vertically at specific depths for optimal resolving of local wave and tide conditions.
The wave and tide sensors measure:

  • Wave amplitudes
  • Wave periods
  • Tide level
  • Seawater temperature
  • Seawater weight and salinity
  • Water depth

The tide data is logged in a trend. Wave amplitude and period are presented in histograms. All three sensors fully resist the harsh nautical environmental conditions. The sensors have a long term stability and are mounted in an explosion proof enclosure, EEx d type. Installation is frame mounted on the jetty.

In addition we can also provide sensors for visibility, wave direction, specific seawater weight and current profiles.