Environment policy Mampaey Offshore Industries

Mampaey Offshore Industries BV develops and supplies high-quality towing, mooring and communication systems worldwide to improve safety and the environment for people, ships and ports. Our engineering process, in addition to technological improvements, is aimed at extending the life span of our products.


Our environmental management system monitors business processes that minimise the risk of an environmental incident. Mampaey Offshore Industries is committed to existing and future environmental legislation and regulations and to the continuous improvement of the management system.


Our environmental objectives are focused on our own production process on the one hand. On the other hand, the environmental impact of our products on the entire chain. Mampaey Offshore Industries is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by replacing internal means of transport; Implementing efficient transport planning; Facilitating active waste separation of packaging materials; Reducing gas and electricity consumption in our workshops by replacing outdated techniques with energy-efficient end-use products.


We also invest in the modular design of our products which extends their life cycle; We invest, together with our business partners, in the efficient processing of raw materials such as modern 3D cutting techniques which make residual waste increasingly a thing of the past; We offer the end-users of our products opportunities for recycling after the end of their use cycle. With its iMSL products for LNG terminals Mampaey Offshore Industries also makes a significant contribution to reducing environmental risks in ports and offshore.