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Market leader of innovative integrated towing, mooring and berthing systems.

Mampaey Offshore Industries takes care of the safety and efficiency of the port, maritime & offshore industry. We provide state-of-the-art towing, mooring and berthing solutions and integrated information systems.


Berthing, Mooring & Towing


Our products

Mampaey Offshore Industries is the global market leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of berthing-, mooring- and towing systems. Over the years our dedication to serve our customers has resulted in several maritime innovations that have driven the new standards in the towing and mooring industry. The developments have contributed to our continuously expanding global customer base. All our products are designed and manufactured to safely withstand the toughest mechanical and environmental conditions.


Our towing hook is a fully functional leading product standard in today’s shipping industry. Our towing hook is appreciated by shipyard and tugboat crews all over the world. Mampaey Offshore Industries designed and engineered this towing hook a hundred years ago and perfected it continuously, up to this date.

Berthing & Mooring

Mampaey Offshore Industries offers the most complete suite of products and services for any specific integrated berthing (docking) and mooring requirement. The major benefit of our line of Products is that they can be integrated in existing jetty management systems using one uniform iMoor interface.

Safety Communication Link

The intelligent Multi Safety Link is a next-generation Ship to Shore Link solution. This solution is specifically designed and developed for the global LNG distribution market.

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All products of Mampaey Offshore Industries can be custom designed. With our products we meet all your demands such as low temperatures, Coal and Iron Ore Applications and revamping and upgrading of existing jetties.