Expansion of the DESFA Revithoussa Terminal

The DESFA Revithoussa Terminal is a model for the implementation of its commitment to the sustainability of the natural and social environmental and for ensuring zero environmental impact. The terminal is important for Greece, providing security of energy supply, operational flexibility in the transmission system and increased capability to meet peak gas demand.

The terminal is designed and operates in accordance with the strictest safety standards both for its employees and for the residents of the surrounding areas. It uses the most environmentally friendly technology and it strictly compliant with Greek and European legislation.

Photo credit DESFA
Photo credit DESFA

Ten units supplied in 1997

In 1997 Mampaey Offshore Industries supplied six triple Quick Release Mooring Units and four double Quick Release Mooring Units on the jetty, including an Electrical Remote Control System and an Mooring Load Monitoring System by a third party. The MLMS has been revamped by Mampaey in 2007. During commissioning of the new units, the old units were checked: after 22 years of service the Quick Release Mooring Units are still fully operational and can still be used for several more years.

Accommodation of larger LNG vessels

To safely accommodate larger LNG vessels than the ones which moored at the DESFA Revithoussa Terminal in the past, two additional mooring points were to be constructed; one at either side of the existing jetty. Our client, DESFA Hellenic gas Transmission, preferred these mooring points to be outfitted by Mampaey Quick Release Mooring Units, because we supplied the already existing mooring units in 1997 to DESFA’s satisfaction.

The two additional Quick Release Mooring Units are triple units with an SWL of 100 tons. As per customers request, Mampaey delivered the units to be able to connect to the already existing Electrical Remote Control System; it was possible to upgrade the existing Remote Control Panel and Mooring Load System with a minimal software upgrade instead of replacing these systems, keeping the costs as low as possible.

Custom solutions

Mampaey Offshore Industries specializes in custom solutions for your mooring and berthing equipment. Interested what kind of custom solution we can offer you? Contact us.

Overview of the DESFA Revithoussa Terminal provided by DESFA

March 13, 2019

Mampaey Triple Quick Release Mooring Unit
Mampaey Triple Quick Release Mooring Unit
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