iMSL® Small Scale for LNG Bunker Barge

Mampaey Offshore Industries supplied the intelligent Multi Safety Link for a new inland waterway LNG bunker-supply barge.

LNG bunker-supply barge

LNG Shipping designed the 3,000 m3 inland waterway LNG bunker-supply barge and it is is built by Victrol. The barge is 110 meters long with a 15-meter beam. It is fitted with four Type C LNG tanks under closed deck and has been designed for low air draft to be easy to maneuver. The barge will be based in Rotterdam to deliver LNG as marine fuel to northwest Europe’s inland waterways.

Credit: Wartsila
Credit: Wartsila

intelligent Multi Safety Link

Wärtsilä supplied the cargo handling system and cargo tanks for the bunker barge and requested Mampaey Offshore Industries to supply the intelligent Multi Safety Link (iMSL®). For this project Mampaey delivered one iMSL® Small Scale with a 37 pin Pyle, 5 pin SIGTTO, Pneumatic link and 2 pin ADN.

2 pin ADN

The 2 pin ADN is not a standard component for our iMSL® Small Scale system; due to rules and legislation concerning inland waterway barges, the 2 pin ADN was incorporated in the system. Because the Mampaey intelligent Multi Safety link is a modular system, it can be customized to the customer’s requests.


A Multi Safety Link communication system is a mandatory safety measure on an LNG Bunker Barge; the bunkering of LNG requires a linked Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system to ensure a controlled shutdown of the transfer operation in the case of a detected emergency. The Mampaey iMSL® Small Scale solution is practical and has backward compatibility to the existing LNG and bunkering market.

Custom solutions

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May 23, 2019

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