Mampaey anniversary: 115 years


gerard-01This year we celebrate the 115-year anniversary of Mampaey Offshore Industries. Founded in 1904 it is one of the oldest companies in Dordrecht.

Mampaey’s CEO Gerard Mampaey:

“Mampaey Offshore Industries was founded by my great-grandfather and is still privately owned. I am the fourth generation to lead this beautiful company. Mampaey has a rich history and many products and service opportunities for improving mooring and towing operations. The company and her products have changed a lot over the past 115 years and it would be my pleasure to tell you about this history and products.

Machinefabriek MampaeyMampaey started out as a Machine Factory in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, specialized in ship repairs. Dordrecht is an island with many waterways and ships, such as towing tugs tugging pontoons. These tugs could not always be detached and that caused unsafe situations. My great-grandfather was requested to develop a hook to make tugging safer.  The first design was a pelican hook, which later became the T-hook. The Mampaey towing hooks are used in the Netherlands and worldwide.

03By the end of the 1950’s oil transport become more important. After several calamities and accidents in a number of oil terminals around the world, oil companies agreed that safe mooring had to become the standard. That was the moment, my father, Hans Mampaey, developed the first Quick Release Mooring Hooks. The Mampaey Quick Release Mooring units have globally set the industry standards which are still used today.

At the same time Mampaey was developing a new design towing hook: the Disc Type Towing hook. This towing hook is designed for artificial polypropylene cables. These Disc Type Towing Hooks are safer successor of the traditional T-hooks.

11I joined the companies in the 1980’s. Both my brothers were already working at the company. My father was the pivot who continuously improved and patented the mooring systems and towing hooks.

A few years later Mampaey moved to our current location; an office with a beautiful view over the waterway. In 1986 my father stepped down and me and my brothers took over. Nowadays I am the CEO of this innovative company.

The oil and gas industry keeps changing and therefore Mampaey needs to develop as well. Our projects become more and more complicated with new aspects, compared to a 100 years ago. Where things used to be only mechanical, electrical and electronic components become more and more important.

With the change of the market there was also the chance to develop and add new products to the Mampaey portfolio. After a few years of development Mampaey Mampaey supplied the first intelligent Multi Safety Link® in 2015: a safety communication link for the LNG market. The iMSL® has already been improved over the past two years and we are currently working on developing it even further.

This year Mampaey installed the very first magnetic auto-mooring system in a ferry operation: the intelligent Dock Locking System®. The iDL® enables faster and safer mooring procedures. The iDL® makes it possible to complete the mooring sequence in only 10 second without mooring lines. This magnetic ship-to-shore mooring system is the perfect example of the innovative character of Mampaey.


The coming years Mampaey Offshore Industries will keep striving to design new and innovative products to remain the market leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of berthing, mooring and towing systems.”


July 8, 2019

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