Custom solution Quick Release Mooring Hooks

We construct for extreme low Temperature Environments

We are able to provide Quick Release Mooring Hooks and Systems for extreme conditions with temperatures below zero degree Celsius, even down to -50 °C (-58 °F)!


Our engineer went on a commissioning job to start up 18 Single, Triple and Quadruple Quick Release Mooring Units. All having a 150 Tons Safe Working Load combined with a local & remote release system and mooring loads monitoring. All this equipment is suitable for temperatures down to -40 °C (-40 °F).


For this project Mampaey supplied also a Berthing Approach System (B.A.S.) and Environment Monitoring System (E.M.S.) with a wireless system.


Materials behave different at extreme (subzero) temperatures. Cold and stressful environments require special adaptation of the design of the Quick Release Mooring Hooks and Systems and the implementation of special materials.

Quick Release Mooring Hook snow

Custom solutions

Mampaey Offshore Industries specializes in custom solutions for your mooring and berthing equipment. Interested what kind of custom solution we can offer you? Contact us.

May, 2022

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