Mampaey is part of the Maritime Museum!

Mampaey Offshore Industries is part of the exhibition Brainwaves in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam! All kinds of innovative ideas are bubbling up in the Netherlands that can make the sector safer, faster or more cost-effective.

The exhibition shows five contemporary maritime innovations in shipping and shipbuilding. The ‘Brainwaves’ that are required to turn a brilliant idea into a brilliant product are exposed. The exhibition shows five current Dutch maritime innovations and explains the successes and issues of the development process.

One of these five maritime innovations is the intelligent Docklocking System® of Mampaey Offshore Industries. The automatic mooring system intelligent Docklocking System® is a current development that enables faster & safer mooring procedures.

All innovations come up against challenges somewhere in the development process. The innovations relate to funding, timing or for instance legislation. A lot of perseverance, creativity and entrepreneurship is needed if an innovation is ultimately to be marketed successfully.
Brainwaves has been created for the centenary of the NISS Support Fund Foundation. The NISS supports projects with innovative maritime aspects.

The exhibition in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam will open for visitors on the 1st of October 2016 until September 2017.

October 4, 2016