Mooring equipment for two BW FSRU’s

Mampaey supplied a total of 19 Quick Release Mooring Units for two FSRU’s of BW LNG: BW Paris and BW Magna.

BW Paris

Originally a liquefied natural gas carrier, built by the South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), the BW Paris was converted into a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) at the Keppel shipyard in Singapore. Mampaey supplied the units for this vessel halfway 2018 and commissioning took place July 2019. The conversion of the BW Paris was completed August 2019 at the Keppel shipyard. FSRU BW Paris can hold 162,400 cubic meters of LNG and has a nominal regasification rate of 550 million metric standard cubic feet of LNG per day.

Units for BW Paris
Units for BW Paris

BW Magna

The FSRU Magna is a new-build FSRU, built at the DSME Shipyard in Korea. The units for FSRU BW Magna were delivered earlier in 2019 and commissioning took place in October 2019. The vessel can transport 173,400 cubic meters of LNG and can regasify 21 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. The vessel will be deployed for GNA’s (Gás Natural Açu) Port Açu project in Brazil. Because of the size of the vessels mooring next to this FSRU, Mampaey will supply the units on the jetty as well. That order also includes the ship-shore link for safe LNG transfer.

The most noticeable difference between the two vessels is the colour; the BW Magna will not be painted in the traditional corporate green hull and green deck to minimize the environmental impact. Wildlife, including endangered species of turtles in the Port Açu area, are attracted to shades of green. This will put them at potential risk from vessel operations. Because of this the vessel will have a blue hull and grey deck. The Quick Release Mooring Units, originally coated green, had to be recoated in the same grey colour as the deck by a local team.

Recoating  the units for BW Magna
Recoating the units for BW Magna

Explosionproof units

For each vessel Mampaey supplied four explosionproof Quick Release Mooring Units. This was necessary because of the placement of the units in hazardous areas on vessels. These eight units are all double hook Quick Release Mooring Units with a Safe Working Load of 150 tons per hook.

In addition to the explosionproof units Mampaey also supplied eleven non-explosionproof units for these vessels: eight double hook Quick Release Mooring Units with a Safe Working Load of 150 tons per hook and one quadruple hook Quick Release Mooring Units with a Safe Working Load of 150 tons. This last unit is for BW Paris.

Quadruple hook Quick Release Mooring Unit

For the first time in Mampaey history we have supplied a Quadruple hook Quick Release Mooring Unit on deck of a vessel. Due to the size of the units, these units are usually not the ideal solution on deck. However, the BW Paris offered limited deck space on the stern of the ship. It was impossible to fit two double hook Quick Release Mooring Units there. Because the vessel did need four hooks on the stern, the decision was made to place one Quadruple unit there.

All units for both vessels are outfitted with the Mooring Load Monitoring System and come with a Electric Remote Control System, to be able to release the hooks from a distance in case of an emergency. As per customer request the units needed to have a full certification by DNV-GL class. Mampaey provided this as well.

Quadruple unit for BW Paris
Quadruple unit for BW Paris

Custom solutions

Mampaey Offshore Industries specializes in custom solutions for your mooring and berthing equipment. Interested what kind of custom solution we can offer you? Contact us.

January 2020

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