Mooring with -50 ºC in Russia

Mampaey Offshore Industries recently pre-commissioned twenty Quick Release Mooring Hook units for the Yamal LNG Project with TOTAL and Novetek as end user. Yamal LNG is a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas plant at Sabetta, north-east of the Yamal Peninsula. The Yamal LNG Project is located in the Russian Arctic.

Launched at the end of 2013, Yamal is a complex LNG project. The project is complex because it is located above the Arctic Circle, a region that is ice-bound for seven to nine months during the year and isolated from all cities and oil and gas infrastructure.
Total is, in collaboration with partners Novatek, CNPC and Silk Road Fund undertaking a daunting technological feat by deploying unprecedented logistical resources.
More than 200 wells will be drilled for the project as they build three liquefaction trains, each of which offers an annual capacity of 5.5 million metric tons.

Mampaey Offshore Industries has supplied eight quadruples Quick Release Mooring Hook units, four triple and eight double Quick Release Mooring Hook units. Each hook has a safe working load of 150 tons. The units are each integrated with a Mooring Load Monitoring System and a Hydraulic Remote Control System. The twenty Quick Release Mooring Hook units will be installed on jetty 1 and 2. The hook units will be operating under the circumstances of -50 degrees Celsius. The units are made of special certificate material and additional heating for electrical components.

Logistics present another challenge. To facilitate the transport of equipment and staff, the port of Sabetta and an airport were built and are now operational. Over the next three years, the port of Sabetta will take delivery of 150 modules representing 450,000 metric tons, transported from Asia by some 20 vessels. The port will also serve to export the LNG.
Specially designed for the project, 15 LNG icebreaker tanker, each of which has a capacity of 170,000 cubic meters, will ship the LNG to international markets.

The first cargo of LNG from the Novatek-operated Yamal LNG project has departed the facility in the Russian Arctic. It was set to leave the facility, onboard the first of fifteen Arc7 ice-class carriers to serve the project, the 172,600-cbm LNG tanker Christophe de Margerie.

January 23, 2017

Update: December 10, 2017

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