Mooring at the Yanbu Crude Oil Terminal

Mampaey Offshore Industries supplied one triple hook Quick Release Mooring units for the Yanbu Crude Oil Terminal on the Red Sea Coast. The unit was ordered by Aramco Overseas Company B.V.


The unit is a replacement for an older unit supplied by Mampaey in 1979. After forty years of service the unit needed to be replaced. The old unit was already outfitted with the Electric Remote Control System and Mooring Load Monitoring System. Of course, the new Quick Release Mooring unit is outfitted with these same features.

The Mooring Load Monitoring System is used to keep a constant watch on the mooring lines. The information is displayed in real time. The retrieved data can be used to estimate the number of mooring lines required for safe mooring.

The Electric Remote Control System is used to release the mooring hooks remotely in case of an emergency. It is possible to release the hooks individually or simultaneously, depending on the situation. In case of the electric remote control, the release mechanism is operated by an electric solenoid.


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January 16, 2020

Berthing & Mooring