Optimization by use of Steel Mooring Buoys

Recently we supplied a very special project for the Porto Romano in Albania. The Multi Buoy Mooring (MBM) Offshore Mooring System, existing of five Steel Mooring Buoys integrated with Quick Release Buoys Hooks.

This MBM Offshore System will have a positive effect on the existing oil terminal capacity. Because the clay seabed takes at least 2 km offshore to reach some 18-20 mt dept, it prevents 120,000 tons DWT tankers from mooring.

This problem is solved by the use of the Steel Mooring Buoys. These offer a sturdy mooring solution for vessels undergoing waiting or (dis)charging procedures. One or more submarine pipelines should connect the mooring system to the oil and LNG storing facilities along Porto Romano’s shore.

The Steel Mooring Buoys and mooring lines are provided with a deadweight anchored to the seabed. The chain connection offers a direct connection of the anchor chain to the mooring unit and offers safety and stability.

The MBM Offshore System will be laid 2.5 km offshore, where the seafloor is over 20 mt deep. The offshore mooring system should optimize the performance of Porto Romano area.

The Steel Mooring Buoys are equipped with Quick Release Buoy Hooks for safe operation in all sea conditions. The supplied buoys are integrated with three double Quick Release Buoy Hooks and two triple Quick Release Buoy Hooks with a SWL of 100 ton. Quick Release Buoy Hooks are provided with Remote Control System and Mooring Load Monitoring System which operate with Solar Panels for independent power supply and wireless communication to shore or portable devices. One Steel Mooring Buoy has a wind speed and wind direction sensor installed.

January 15, 2018

Berthing & Mooring