Outfitting two LNG carriers

Mampaey Offshore Industries supplied an iMSL® Small Scale cabinet for two small scale LNG carriers with a class notation for bunkering, initially ordered by Stolt Nielsen at Keppel Nantong. The two LNG carriers will each have a capacity of 7.500m3 and come equipped with engines that can run on both diesel and LNG. The vessels will also be used as an LNG carrier to transfer LNG from the Mediterranean to Sardinia.

Pin configuration for iMSL® Small Scale

Due to safety regulations every LNG bunkering vessel must be outfitted with a Bunkering Safety Link for bunkering operations. The Mampaey iMSL® Small Scale is outfitted with a 37 pin Pyle and 5 pin SIGTTO; the 37 pin Pyle is used when receiving LNG and the 5 pin SIGTTO is used for unloading in Sardinia.


This system comes with an integrated 5 pin/37 pin connector box, a 5 pin and 37 pin test plug, a 5 pin umbilical. The 5 pin SIGTTO is in-house manufactured by Mampaey. Our iMSL® Small Scale can connect with all Ship-Shore systems and has a backwards compatibility to the existing LNG and bunkering market.

Custom solutions

Mampaey Offshore Industries specializes in custom solutions. Interested in the highly customizable intelligent Multi Safety Link options we can provide for you? Please contact us for more information.

November 21, 2019

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