2 Quick Release Offshore Hooks for FSO

Solution for Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessel

Our customer Dixstone, subsidiary of Perenco, was awarded for a conversion of an existing Oil Tanker “Minerva Nike” to a FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading) vessel. Dixstone awarded Mampaey Offshore Industries for the Tandem Mooring System.


For this project we supplied two of our larger Quick Release Offshore Hooks with 350 Tons Safe Working Load. Both hooks are operated and connected to a local Control Panel and Hydraulic power pack. For Remote operation we supplied a Remote Control Panel.


Both Quick Release Hooks (QRH) are linked to one Local Control Panel where these can be released and monitored separately. With the included Remote Control Panel the QRH can easily be monitored remotely and controlled from the control room on the FSO.


During the project the area classification changed from ‘Safe Area’ to ‘Hazardous Area’. This change was taken care off by Mampaey by providing all electrical components in this area to be suitable for operation in the hazardous environment on the FSO.


The conversion will take place at the ‘Dubai Dry Docks’ yard. The final destination of the vessel is Brazil.

Quick release offshore hooks FSO

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March, 2022

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