Revamping Hound Point

One of our services is the revamping and upgrading of existing jetties. In 2013 we provided the replacement of the Quick Release Mooring Hooks. This revamping project was on Hound Point Terminal that’s located in Scotland. We replaced eight units in total existing of four doubles two triples and two quadruples hook assembly. All units have a Safe Working Load of 125 ton.

The location on this revamping project is the Hound Point for the end-user BP Exploration Operating Company. A marine terminal off a rocky headland of that name on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, Scotland. The terminal is made up of two sea-island berths that can load vessels of up to 350,000 DWT and a vapour recovery platform. Crude oil from the Forties pipeline undergoes stabilisation and gas processing and treatment at the Kinneil Terminal at Grangemouth before being pumped to a tank farm at Dalmeny on the southern shore of the Firth. The oil is then pumped to the Hound Point terminal where it is loaded onto tankers. The safe mooring of these thankers is guaranteed by our iMoor system.


The revamping of the Quick Release Mooring Hooks was commissioned in October 2014. Two years later we integrated the other components of our iMoor system onto this existing mooring lay-out. We provided two sets of Berthing Approach Systems, two sets of Environmental Monitoring System and the computer system which was prepared for future use of Pager systems.

October 28, 2016

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