Safe Fueling of LNG for Green Dredgers

Two special vessels were recently launched at Royal IHC’s shipyards. These ships, The Minerva and the Scheldt River are designed with a green mindset and the result is the world’s first LNG-powered Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD).

IHC had already started to investigate the integration of LNG into dredging vessels in 2012. To further optimise fuel consumption and reduce emissions, IHC has equipped this vessel with new innovations, driven by market developments and customer demand.

Mampaey Offshore Industries especially developed and delivered the first iMSL Small Scale system for these green dredgers. The transfer of the Liquefied Natural Gas from ships required a linked ESD system to ensure a controlled shutdown of the transfer operation in the case of a detected emergency situation.

The iMSL Small Scale has a primary link and a back-up link that are failsafe and independent as reasonable practical with independent connection points. Emergency shut-down shall be fail-safe and transmitted by an Electric 5pin ‘Sigtto’ Link or Pneumatic Link. An independent back-up system shall be provided so that a common failure mode is reduced. The system is designed in full compliance with ISO28460, ISO20519 and SIGTTO Recommendations 2009.

Recently we have commissioned this first iMSL Small Scale system.

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August 2, 2017

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