The Mooring of largest Royal Navy ship

Mampaey Offshore Industries supplied four Quick Release Mooring Pulleys for the Portsmouth Naval Base in England. The Pulleys have a safe working load of 180 tons each integrated with a hydraulic remote control system. The units will be installed at Her Majesty’s Naval Base.

Portsmouth Naval Base has been an integral part of the city since 1194. It is home to almost two-thirds of the Royal Navy’s surface ships. It will be home to the new HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince Of Wales. HMS Queen Elizabeth, at 65,000 tonnes and 280m long is the largest ship ever built for the Royal Navy.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth will make her first arrival into her own Port of Portsmouth in early 2017. As a direct consequence of the size and extent of the overhang of the flight deck beyond the vessel hull, the project team will improve infrastructure significantly to accommodate the ships.

In 2015 Mampaey also supplied Quick Release Mooring Pulleys for the Victory Jetty. The newest Quick Release Mooring Pulleys will be installed on the Middle Slip Jetty for a safe mooring of the ships.

July 1, 2016

Berthing & Mooring