Units ready for Port of Ceyhan 

Our project for the Port of Ceyhan has been recently completed and transported. In a very short time the 37 Quick Release Mooring Units are ready for transportation to its end destination, Port of Ceyhan in Turkey. We’ve captured this process on video.

When the mechanical components are delivered from the factory in Hungary our in-house workshop coworkers take the first step, the assembly of the mechanical elements. When this is done, the electrical components are installed and software implementation is completed.

The delivery varies from eight triples, twenty-six doubles and two special sextuples and one special quadruples back-to-back with an Electrical Remote Control and Mooring Load Monitoring System for a safe operation of the moored vessels.

The location of the project is the BOTAS Ceyhan Petroleum Facilities in Turkey.

August 30, 2017

Botas Port of Ceyhan
Berthing & Mooring