Units ready for use in Indonesia

Recently we have supplied to The Banggai Ammonia Plant in Indonesia on the island Celebes.

The Banggai Ammonia Plant processes Natural Gas to produce ammonia, the main raw material for producing urea fertilizer and other chemical products. It will have a capacity of 700,000 metric tons of ammonia per annum or 2,000 MT per day.

The Banggai Ammonia plant is built on a 192-hectare site near a gas field jointly operated by Pertamina and energy company Medco Energy International. This landmark project represents the first locally-sponsored private ammonia plant in Indonesia. This project supports the government’s program for maximizing domestic utilization and value addition of natural gas.


The local jetty where the vessels will be moored to transport the produces material is equipped with four triple and four double Quick Release Mooring Hooks Unit with integrated Capstans and a SWL of 50 Ton.

The jetty is also equipped with a Berthing Approach System which aggregates the vital approach data, measured by high quality and robust eye safe lasers and with LED digits. With this system the pilots and marine personnel can make the best decisions for a safe berthing process.


January 10, 2018

Berthing & Mooring